My Alice in Chains experience

So let me start off by saying I am a 22 year old female. My parents are in their mid 50s early 60s and I grew up listening to an entirely different genre of music than most. Ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr in case you know…you don’t know.) to the Rolling Stones and Beatles.

My parents are artists. My mom does paintings and my dad is a jeweler.

(Both are my moms work)

Fast forward to this week.

I work for a hotel as a sales coordinator currently. They were playing in Charleston and we had the previlage of having the band and their guys stay here with us. (May or may not of had a tiny heart attack when I saw Mr. Duvall trying to find the restaurant and then just looking like any normal joe on the street eating and checking his phone but simultaneously looking like a total rock star in the process.) As the coordinator and person who booked the group..the band manager called me on Monday to go over last minute details about the groups reservations.

Then he said it. “Anyone who wants to come to the show tomorrow night give me their names and I’ll put them on the list.”  Now normal me would have been like “shut the fuck up!” but corporate professional me was like “that’s very nice of you! I will ask around!”

I grew up with a love for Nirvana and most 90s grunge. Sadly…some blends together for me. I know it’s like..are you fucking kidding me? I know I know awful me. So I then realized I was just having a slow moment and I knew who they were very very much so.

While they were here it killed me I couldn’t speak to them or acknowledge who they were. I wanted/want to be a journalist so it would have been a dream to interview them!

So I chose to take my dad with me to the show. He loves the song Rooster and knows some of their other stuff and figured it would be fun. 

I think he had fun. Lol he’s not very “shows emotion”.

Anywho, I skipped ahead a little.

We get there at 6:30, doors open at 7. I go up to get our tickets and they say nothing is there for us. I emailed the manager a tiny bit panicked thinking “it was too good to be true” and got back right away

So 7pm comes around and our tickets have arrived. Now I didn’t have my hopes up at all about where our seats were. To be honest anywhere would have been cool. They were free after all.

As we wait to be able to go in we look at shirts (which I got one…$40….but hey free concert right?) 

We take some pictures (like the dad one up top). Some of my coworkers are there now too and we are looking at our tickets to see where we were seated. 

Of course Google the seating of the stadium as well and it looks like we are in a good section which is of course awesome. Some of us aren’t located next to each other (my dad and I were…lol)

Then we go in.

First two different people told us we were up in the top section (aka like where the “nose bleed” sections are) and everyone else’s seats were down below towards the stage. Then we go up there and ask someone where our seats are and he’s like “um what? You’ve got great seats maam you’re down there” and directs me down closer to the stage.

When I say my heart fell when I saw where we were…

Directly in the middle basically front row.

The rest is history. The show was phenomenal. Their last song they brought a kid on stage to play with them and he crushed it! You talk about goose bumps and you can just tell these men love the craft and even though it’s been a couple decades deep down they are still 

Minus Layne of course. RIP.

Below are some pictures. Enjoy!​​

I did get a pick. 

I can not thank the manager enough. It was one of my favorite shows ever and it is something I’ll never forget. As a broke 22 year old getting such wonderful seats because of my job…I have no words but thank you.

I hope they have a safe tour! they kicked ass for a bunch of 50 year olds. 🤘🏼checked off a bucket list for sure!

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