9.26.10 the day that changed my life 

Your past doesn’t define you. What you do with what you learned from your past does. Each day you grow and change. You make friends and you lose friends. But life goes on. You fall down and you have to pick yourself back up off the floor and move forward. If this day taught me anything it’s that you don’t always get a second chance but if you do use it to make your life better and improve your life by being happier and do more for yourself. Ironically, September is suicide awareness month. In case you didn’t know. 

Today is not a sad day, it’s a day to think back 6 years ago and then think about who I am today and how this day changed my life for the better. I was ashamed for a long time until one day I realized people are going to think what they want but I still know who I am. 
Hug your loved ones and remember tomorrow is a new day. ❤️ and mom & dad I love you. #towriteloveonherarms 

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