Day in the life

The little things 

The bigger picture in life. 
Yesterday I got to make a family in need a little bit happier. My family was lucky and didn’t have any damage from Hurricane Matthew and I’m grateful for that. A family who’s home is on Edisto is staying at the hotel until they can return home. They haven’t seen it and don’t know what all damage they have yet. When I heard about it my heart hurt for them. I saw them mom with her three little kids and decided to try to make their situation a little better. So I made the kids personalized coloring books with at least 10-15 pages to color each and went and got some crayons. I wasn’t there when they saw them and I didn’t get to be the one to give them it but today I did at least find out they did get them and loved them. There’s a bigger picture. More than having cable or internet or even just lights. There are people who are still without their homes and some are even having to start over completely. I can’t do anything to change that….but I can try to make things a little better until things get better or back to normal for them. 

I also think that at Christmas I may make these type of things and donate them to boys and girls homes. The little things make a difference and sometimes that’s what the world needs. I can’t explain how happy it made me to do it. ✌🏼️🌎❤️

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