Friday night I had the privilege to see the great Dolly Parton. As I’ve said before I work for a hotel and I had the privilege of meeting one of the tour managers. She is such a sweet woman. We exchanged numbers and Facebook information and I hope that we stay in touch.

We had wonderful seats. It was at the coliseum and it was extremely full. I took my dad and he was excited to see her as much as I was. It still doesn’t feel real that we went. Neither of us are big country fans but she is a legend and at 70 years old you never know when you’ll have another chance.



The red dots were where we were and the other of course was Dolly

She came out with curtains around her and the crowd went crazy.

She told stories in between songs and really made you feel at home. Everyone was giving her a standing ovation and she kindly said thank you and asked everyone to please sit down so everyone else could see too. She sang classics like “Jolene”, “Coat of many colors” and of course “I will always love you”. She told the story behind all of her songs and was over all a sweet sweet woman. She made fun of herself and her plastic surgery saying “I have the doctors bills to prove it”, but no matter what she looked great.

It was hard to take pictures and videos because of all of her sparkly rhinestones lol so some photos and videos I had to turn down the brightness and stand extremely still so the focus wouldn’t change because otherwise…

The woman plays so many different instruments too! She played the guitar, the bango, a washboard, harmonica, the fiddle, the piano, a wooden flute (I’m not 100% sure the name), a dulcimer and the saxophone.

They also sang acapella. 

I did have a “working pass” as well. But it was so busy and my dad didn’t have one it went unused. 

Over all, it was a wonderful night! One that I will always remember.

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