I was 14 when he first came into office. I couldn’t vote, I didn’t know many things about politics or insurance aside from what my parents were going through but I knew there was something about him that was going to make a difference. When he was first elected I heard awful things and spoke up and called people out on their racist comments. I remember watching his inauguration and getting emotional because you could tell this was a huge moment in history. I would consider him my generations president (for most of the people I know not all so don’t get all hot and bothered if it doesn’t apply to you). He helped pave the ways of so many different paths even if people don’t want to see that. He may not have been perfect but his heart was and is so huge and he did his best with what he was given at the start. 
His wife, who is an absolute doll I have a lot of respect for. Her drive to speak to the younger generations and explain how important their/our education is, to young woman and how it is important for us to know we are just as great as any man, and her want and desire to make a change in our health and lifestyle is inspiring. 

So, Mr. and Mrs. President, you both will be truly missed but always remembered. ❤ #farewell #obama #goodbyeobama

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