It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Life has been extremely busy!

Anywhoo, last month we went to Atlanta to see August Burns Red. We got VIP tickets to do a meet and greet with the band and over all it was extremely worth it! 

They were all so sweet and it was my third time seeing them. The first time I was a senior in high school and a crowd surfer was dropped and I ended up in a brace on my wrist for 2-3 weeks. 

A local ATL band called ’68 opened the show and they were actually pretty good for a two man band. The singers daughter (i assume his daughter) was on the side stage and had to be about 5 and was cheering on her daddy and fists high. A complete early rocker.

In hearts wake was next. We saw then at Warped Tour the summer before and they were just as great this time as they were then!!

Protest the herd was next and they were also very good. 

Then, also I should add this was the 10 year anniversary of Messengers so they played the entire album. 

They were simply put amazing as always and are one of my favorites to see live!

I had never been to ATL before and aside from driving in it; I loved it. 

The following before we left we had to take a trip to the zoo of course and I went from 22 to 6. 🙃

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