Salisbury steak meatballs and mashed potatoes


So last night since I’ve been feeling crappy I wanted some comfort food.

Mashed potatoes are comfort food!

But I couldn’t just have mashed…I mean I could but then my boyfriend would be living off mashed lol

So I quickly went to Pinterest and found this recipe: Salisbury meatballs and mashed potatoes

And since I’m learning more and more about meatballs I was like I CAN DO THAT!

So it was very yummy I was very pleased! 

The amount of ground beef the recipe calls for makes a lot of meatballs so I made mine a little larger and still have a lot lol

The one issue I had and this is probably just me was making sure the meatballs were cooked fully. Since they are ya know round….and you have to push them around in the pan…some didn’t wanna stay meatballs haha

Either way they were yummy!

All of the meat mixed with the egg, seasoning, breadcrumbs etc ready to be turned into meatballs!

See! But this is only half haha the other half was cooking. Like here. 😉

I did not use an entire onion I will say. I used half and it was still good. Making my own gravy was new and I was very surprised!
Hope you enjoy it! Thanks Pinterest!

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