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A picture is worth a thousand words…

So earlier today I shared this photo.

The caption read “Personal post: a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well what if you don’t know the entire story behind a photo? Every year when this comes up on my Timehop or “remember this day” I have weird feelings about it. I bet you’re thinking…why? #newblogpost coming tonight because as I started this post I realized it may be too long. #blog #blogger #personalpost #blogging #picturesworthathousandwords #lifessidebar”

So here we are. 

When a normal person sees this photo they may think “oh typical beach picture.” What I see? “Hunter is drunk as fuck in that photo and it’s not even 5 o’clock.” 

I posted the photo around 3:30pm as shown above and by that time I had had an entire bottle of cruzan coconut rum. We had gotten to the beach at about 10am? I want to say. So 5 hours, by myself. 

I don’t remember most of that day and quite frankly what I do remember is people telling me how nice and happy I was.

I was grieving. It had been only a little over a month since my best fiend had died. I explained in a previous post, The Serena to my Blair (to fill you in), but this day was one of the best and worst days I think. Because I don’t remember much, but I was happy. I wasn’t in pain for a day or at least a few numbing hours (aside from the forgetting sunscreen because I was shit faced) and I don’t recommend drinking an entire 750ml bottle of rum in an early afternoon but give yourself at least a day. 

I do think this was the day I went to her grave for the first time after her funeral if I’m not mistaken. If so, picture drunk me in a store trying to find flowers while smelling of coconut booze and oj in a bathing suit. I do remember that because it was a few hours later and I had I guess “calmed down”. 

Needless to say, aside from a glass of wine occasionally I don’t drink much anymore. That day turned me around. Because I hadn’t even realized I did what I did. I had the bottle in the car and was talking back and forth refilling my water bottle and didn’t even register that I had drank the entire bottle. (Didn’t get sick I want to add) I started to become sad when I drank rather than happy. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some nights where we go out once in a blue moon and I’ll have a few beers etc but my tolerance is stupid so it takes a bit sometimes and gets expensive. 

It’s weird how pictures are huh? Now you know. Don’t always trust social media. People should have realized I was drunk since I put “da beach” ha ha like who does that?! 

Ta ta for now. 

2 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words…”

  1. Life is cruel, and because it is as such, suffering is inevitable. I hope you have found ways to minimize your own suffering and the suffering of others around you. In my opinion, that is the only reason to live.


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