Truly A Day To Remember

This post is so fucking delayed and I apologize. Life has been very very busy.

So let’s pretend that it is April 30th shall we?

Now, some may not know who they are…but then some will know that this is A Day To Remember. They’re an alternative rock band and have been a long time favorite of mine for quite some time now. Almost ten years to be exact.
So when I found out they were going to be at Rockfest this year it was immediately decided that we were going. It was my second time seeing them and my boyfriend’s first time.

The other bands from what I heard were very good too. We relaxed most of the day and just enjoyed the music.

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The set list did not disappoint. They started strong with Mr. Highway’s thinking about the end. The second I heard the opening chords I was transported to my 16 year old self. They led into 2nd Sucks next, another great one. I’m made of wax, Larry what are you made of?, We got this, Homesick, Naivety, All I want, Have faith in me….the band took a moment to speak to the crowd. I personally love when bands do this but I know some just want to hear the music. Jeremy wanted people to crowd surf while standing on crowd surfers. Some people did it and it was awesome to say the least.

Before the next song I was quietly chanting “plot panhandle, plot panhandle..” over and over again. Not loud enough for many to hear but to my shock the next song was indeed The Plot to bomb the panhandle. I lost my boyfriend to one of the most pits (yes, there were two!) when “I make my stand, right here with my friends” and the breakdown started. He somehow hurt his shoulder during this and I have been hearing about it since. I had a bruise on my foot for about two weeks actually from being stepped on. We are definitely not young teens anymore.

At this point in time we all thought this was the final song. This had been already a long but great show and day so I had accepted that it was done.

But then…the chants for an encore began. So I said fuck it and began chanting “one more song. one more song!” along with the crowd.

The guys came back out and were like “so we got the impression that you wanted more!” and played an acoustic version of If it means a lot to you.

We all either raised our lighters or held out phones up and obviously sang along. It was beautiful I may add.

The song ended and Jeremy states, “actually as a band we decided to not just play one encore song but three.”

All signs point to Lauderdale began and so did the tossing of toilet paper rolls.

Last but my no means least. The crowd started to chant “downfall” and they were joking on stage saying how “they voted to no longer play that song”. Lies!

The picture below is from the finale and just after the final notes from Downfall of us all when the confetti flew through the air. img_8659

The show had ended. The day had ended. We were all exhausted but had enjoyed it all.

Even though the show was awesome….them coming to town brought me actually more joy because I booked them where I work. I hadn’t realized it until about a week prior to when the show was. So you can imagine my excitement and also my disappointment because I couldn’t speak to them. As pictured above I got to do the meet and greet and say hello but I couldn’t be like “hey guys! How was your night at _____?” in front of everyone ha-ha.

I did get to meet their manager Marvin briefly the morning after the show and he was very nice. I impressed their “people” I guess because they were very happy with the work I did for them. I was given a free ticket to the festival even though I had purchased mine months in advance. Marvin got caught up so it was not there when I arrived so my friend had to purchase hers, but either way it was a nice gesture!

The morning after the show was a treat for me because when I arrived they were leaving shortly after. So when I left my office they were all out there preparing to leave and I got to see them not as the band that I have loved but as normal average guys drinking their coffee just chatting with each other. I had to keep my cool obviously but it will always be a memory that I can look back on.

Below are some pictures! It was a great day, or “a day to remember” 🙂

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