In a previous post I said life has been pretty busy lately. Well. On April 19th I became a fur mommy again. Only this time…to a kitten. I’ve never been a cat person, and my baby has been my beagle Lily bug for the past 9-10 years. 

This little guy melted my heart and I’m so glad my boyfriend found him when he did. 

He was about 5 weeks when we found him.

My boyfriend found him at the job site they were working at. Literally IN THIS. They rescued all of the kittens and they all have homes. Our vet was shocked at how well he was and he is still a healthy little booger. ❤️

So far he has grown sooooo much! 

I will keep the posts coming. You can check out more on my Instagram lifessidebar, because trust me the posts have been frequent.

Photos from top to bottom: most recent to when we got him. ❤️🐾 

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