This was my Facebook post last year after the Orlando shooting took place. It is still relevant given what just happened in Manchester a few weeks ago. Yes there are grammar issues and as I read it I realized but I’m leaving it the way it was a year ago. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Disclaimer: I know many are not going to agree and that’s perfectly fine. I don’t want a Facebook fight haha this is not for attention it is simply because I have been in a funk all day trying to even comprehend what happened.

A year has almost past since the shooting in Charleston that costs 9 people their lives and here we are again discussing guns and having to process yet another shooting. Only this time 50 people’s lives were taken and another 53 were severely injured. I, like most people today and yesterday am trying to process what I read on the news and keep hearing on the radio. I debated not writing anything but again that weird itch I get in times like this (aka the reason I wanted to be a journalist) takes over and I have to get it out. 

I am a 22 year old female, a gun owner and was raised in the south where having guns in your home was and is the norm. My father was even a gunsmith and has more guns than I can think of. Over this past weekend a celebrity my age was shot dead at her concert in a crowd full of people. The guy who did it had no motive that they know of. He was just a sick individual who decided to take the life of an innocent sweet girl. Barely 24 hours later terror took over a gay club in the same town. 

How many more attacks until someone actually changes something? How many more innocent people are going to be killed before something finally makes someone think that things should change. I looked it up to actually get an idea and Virginia tech was 32, Sandy Hook was 27, Fort Hood was 13 and last years Charleston was 9. Plus many many more in American and over seas in Paris and Belgium. The church bombing at Birmingham church in the 60s was a major event in American history and only 4 people died….and it was an event that that shook the nation and really helped move the civil rights movement. But in 2016……years later when we are suppose to be more of a nation of equality people are still being gunned down. 

Fun fact: It took about 20 minutes for me to be approved for my gun. I don’t have a criminal record of any kind but it still startled me that it barely took any time at all to decide that I could leave with a weapon. Even small changes make a big difference. How many times is something going to come on the news and a President comes on to address the issue at hand but NOTHING CHANGES. If it was an attack from over seas like 9/11 I bet something would be done yet people are attacking on American soil and obviously attacking certain people as well as just a mass area of people because they are sick extremists and nothing is happening to try to stop it. These aren’t things that can just happen and you can ignore and push it to the side like it didn’t happen. You can’t blame all Islamics either, there’s a difference. There are extremists in every religions. Westboro baptist church is a great example. If they were to shoot up a gay club would you blame every Christian? No you wouldn’t. 

Over the radio this morning hearing the news casts of the moms who said they were calling their sons cellphones over and over and the mother who was texting her son as the shooter is entering the bathroom would make your skin crawl.

Today is a day of mourning for the lives that were lost and the lives still fighting for their life and for the lives of the people who lost their loved ones. To the LGBT community, it breaks my heart that last year was a ground breaking year in history and then this year almost exactly a year later you’re attacked. I’ve never met a drag queen i didn’t like. Same for all gays, lesbians and so on. This weekends attack was an attack on Americans and specifically the LGBT community.

I feel like every time we make a couple steps forward someone literally shoots America back steps. 

Take a moment today to say a prayer for the families and friends in Orlando who have been affected and hug your loved ones extra tight and realize not everyone has that luxury.”

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