It’s been a while hasn’t it…

There’s no rhyme or reason to this post.

Life has been extremely busy lately. I finally have a moment to take a breather and then come August 21st it will be back to crazy busy time.

I had the worst semester ever of college. Anything aside from writing or history….basically anything dealing with mathematics and science…makes my head hurt. I’ve come to terms that my brain just does not like to work that and that’s okay.

Basically when it comes to school I have to stay on my shit because of my grant. There’s literally no time to be slack because when I’m slack it goes bye bye and I’m on a time line and goals etc.

A few weeks ago I was offered an internship with a local paper in Charleston and actually ended up turning it down because I was concerned about my schedule. I had just switched jobs and was extremely stressed about school and even though I was extremely excited about the paper I knew it was poor timing. Last semester I did have the opportunity to intern with Live 5, which I’m just realizing I completely forgot to actually document and write about my experience there so…I will at some point but for now (haha) I interned there!

I will be interning hopefully at a few places this fall. One is confirmed and one is still pending. Both will be awesome and I’ll be thrilled with even just the one I know I have. That being said, I really fucking hope I get both! Both are music related.

It blows my mind how different this time last year was. Last year I was working on trying to go back to school, was kind of depressed actually because I was very unhappy with my work life. I felt stuck. I hadn’t created this blog yet and just did not know what to do about anything. Which sounds so stupid now, but it took a little advice to get me to get off my ass and just email everyone and everywhere I could think of. Like if someone told me last year that I would have interned at Live 5 News, got to hang in a radio studio,  had been offered an internship with Charleston City Paper, Music Farm and a radio station and a marketing company…..I would have laughed hysterically in their face. Also, my goal for 2017 was to basically make it my bitch. I didn’t wanna stress over everything anymore and because of that we went on a trip, we’ve been to a few concerts and shows this year when before we maybe went to like…one…which for us is abnormal because we’re both music people. Plus, I have two shows coming up. Ed Sherran and Foo Fighters!

I may have a little more debt than last year but I’m not panicking over it because when we spoke with someone about a house I actually found out I’m not really bad off. But I’m more content, and less stressed for the most part because let’s be honest I’m always a stressed mess.

Where life is getting more on the track I want work and business related wise…friend wise…is still struggling. I am trying. I said in a post a while a back that I was going to make more of an attempt to either A make friends or B make time to see old friends. I’ve kind of done both (lol like I said I’m working on it). It’s honestly just difficult for me. I know when I get busy I’m a hard friend to have. Shit. I’m a hard girlfriend to have when I’m super busy I don’t know how Brandon has handled it. He kind of hasn’t actually sometimes. We’re not perfect. But who is really. Anyways, I still have like two- three solid friends aside from Brandon. I say two to four because one I feel is on the edge and so it’s kind of like “well I don’t really know”. One is still states away (damn you…lol jk) and one I’ve had for years and we just have been busy with life. For her literally because she made life where as me sometimes I can’t even find my damn shoes. I still wish I had more but not even like more more just like…a few to call up and be like “hey let’s do something!” Ya know? Prob not. Ya prob have loads.

Moral of this ramblefest of a post is that. I’m working on it. I was so gung ho about keeping up with this blog that I had fallen behind due to everything else in my life. Which in a way is good because that means I’m not just doing nothing right?

I’ve got my eye on a camera to take better photos of things since yes my iPhone is nice…sometimes the focus still blows.

I’ve got a slight plan. It’s like a day to day “let’s see what happens” kind of plan but it’s a plan. Yeah..

If you’ve made it this far, comment on my Instagram Life’s Sidebar the word….or emoji….watermelon 🍉 because why not. 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️

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