23 Things I’ve learned by 23

  1. Shit happens and sometimes no matter how much you want to change things…ya can’t.
  2. Hold your loved ones close.
  3. Buy the cake.
  4. Don’t care about EVERYTHING as much as you do. Not everything needs 100% feelings all the time.
  5. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  6. DRINK WATER. Two kidney infections later…I’m still struggling to drink enough but I’m better than I once was.
  7. Invest in a good mixer. My sunbeam mixer is my best Christmas present.
  8. You can still throw a party when you’re an adult. Buy all the streamers, big balloons, and gold champagne glasses you want because bitch you’re worth it.
  9. Start a 401k early and if your company matches you to a certain percentage…go to that percentage.
  10. Don’t avoid health care if you can get it, because doc bills….even for what you think is simple…are stupid expensive.
  11. Do breast exams. Boys and girls. Also get a second opinion if you are worried about something.
  12. You may not have the same friends you had a year ago, or even ten years ago. And that’s okay. It is going to suck, but people change and grow apart and…like the 1st point..shit happens.
  13. Take an art class. Even if you already know how to draw/paint.
  14. Stop drinking shit alcohol. The sugar is what makes you feel ill. (Alcohol does too..but the sugar…oh the sugar)
  15. Eat all the tacos you want. There’s a thing called balance. I used to stress about what I ate and my “weight” and how small my thighs were…which stressed me out way to much.
  16. Going off of that. Love yourself a little more. You’re golden.
  17. Ladies, go makeup free for a few days. Coming from someone who would NOT leave the house without it at one point…I’ve gotten to where I could go days without it and when I put it on I’m like “whoa who’s that..”
  18.  Don’t mess up if you can help it in college. Losing a grant and fighting for it back was the most nerve racking thing ever. If you want your degree, stay on it.
  19. Be a kid at heart. Remember life is too short to worry about stuff that you really can worry about later on. (Don’t be stupid and just be 5 all the time but..)
  20. Travel more. Go to the concert. Put the phone down! Live a damn little.
  21. Don’t hide your feelings. If something is important to you express it. If someone says something hurtful to you, tell them how they made you feel. If something is going on in the world that you feel moved by stand up for it.
  22. Having anxiety does not define you. Don’t let it.
  23. Stay true to yourself.Leave a watermelon emoji if you made it this far on my Instagram post. Life’s Sidebar 231

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