That girl Bishop.

Sunday, May 27th Bishop Briggs dominated the stage at Charleston’s best Music Farm as part of her Church of Scars tour.

She opened the show with my new favorite White Flag. I personally had only heard her song River (which she did play as a second encore!) and was waiting to hear her new songs live. I bought her record the second I left.

She then led into her song Wild Horses and part of Briggs’s charm are her moves on stage! The girl is jumping around and dancing with so much energy that aside from her amazing music you can’t help but dance when you see her.

She then addressed the audience and introduced the next song which would be Tempt my Trouble which is the first song off her new album Church of Scars and again it is amazing. At just 25 almost 26, she dominated the stage like many seasoned artists do after years and she’s just really begun.

The U.K. singer came on the scene in 2016 when she released her EP which included River, Dark Side and The way I do and from there has had her music in 50 shades freed and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. In April 2018, she released her first full length album Church of Scars and has set on her tour through this September.

Her set was about an hour long and included not just one but two encores. She came out on the stage and mentioned she had something special for the audience. She had a demo of a new song she wrote and only wanted to play it for special occasions and said playing Charleston was one of them. The song was called Baby and I’ll be the first to say she needs to hurry up and release it because I loved it. She even noticed the young fans in the audience (at the doors there were these parents who told me it was their two little girls’ first show ever) and before she began the song she did tell the audience there was some swearing just to warn the parents.

Not only was she a total badass, girl boss on stage…she was also a complete doll. She mentioned telling her family about her new album before she really could and followed it up with “sue me!” and laughed because she’s right. You’re producing your first album that’s going to change your life OF COURSE you tell your family. She spoke on Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons and their song Lyin and how she realized he is a superhuman. She also mentioned their mutual love for the LGBT community and equal rights. She even announced that at the merch table they had a donations box for GLAD which is all about promoting equality and making the world a safer place for the LGBTQ community.

If you have not seen her live you need to. She gives her all on stage and really lights up the room. You can see the rest of her tour dates here and prepare to have her rock the house.

She is definitely one to watch. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of great things come from this woman.

You can check out my Instagram for more from the show here 🖤📸

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