Meet the artist: Conner Cherland

Local to Santa Barbara, CA Conner Cherland is a new artist on the rise with a fast growing following on social media. His newest EP dropped September 2018, which is as he would say a “fair reflection of his internal life”. The Choices of John Still is more than just an album it is a story within six catchy songs.

You wouldn’t know it by listening to his music but Conner has only been playing guitar for about five years. He started out with a 40 song goal and ended with over 100.

The Choices of John Still is an album you can blast in your apartment to sing along to or along for a car ride.

38859519_2052084328439855_4081294090363207680_nNow who is Cherland?

Q: First song that you wrote?
 – “Laura’s Song” I was probably 20 or 21 years old, and it was about a girl I dated about 3 years earlier.
Q: What is the story behind John Still? 
 – John Still is a man who can see into the future. When he realizes the woman he loves will never marry him, he creates a potion to make her fall in love with him. As that potion wears off of his wife, we meet him in the title track. You’ll get to learn about him, his daughter, and his daughter’s love throughout the album.
Q: What song do you enjoy playing the most live?
 – Right now I’d have to say Watching From A Distance by David Ramirez
Q: Favorite venue you have played? 
 – I really liked the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. I got to play on a stage in one of the ballrooms.
Q: Where is your dream venue you would like to play?
 – The rooftop of Capital Records
Q: What is the first show you went to see?
 – Probably something at the Antelope Valley Fair as a kid…Journey? Might have been Journey.
Q: Song currently paused on your spotify or iphone?
 – If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember (getting that moody vibe going)
Q: What can your fans expect from you? What projects do you have lined up?
 – They can expect this new album! After that, the Toad Boy EP probably, or a B-Sides EP. TBD,EP.
Q: What inspired you to make music?
 – I’ve always liked talking about my feelings. As I grow up I’m realizing that lots of people don’t want to talk about that sort of stuff…but you can make it way more palatable by putting it into a song for them.
Q: What is the process of creating a song for you?  
 – I try to stash away little phrases that sound real or true to me. If you catch me texting myself, chances are, that’s what it’s about. My songs usually start off with an idea, and then I let that idea roll around my head, or exist in a list until I can find a melody to suit it.
Q: What are/is the main theme behind your songs?
 – This new album deals with love and control for the most part. Even though it’s a concept album about this guy John, it’s also a fair reflection of my internal life.
Q: Aside from music, what are your other hobbies? 
 – I like interesting and meticulous tasks. Things like riding my bike, whittling, playing with my Chinese yo-yo recently (it’s called a diablo). I’m also a fan of writing letters to people.
Q: Do you have a dream guitar? Are you brand loyal or did you pick them based on appearances or just went by cost?
 – If I had infinite money, I’d be buying a few Gibson electric hollow bodies. I think they’re incredible.
Q: Where can people find your music?
 – , or wherever you listen to music. Just spell my last name “Cher” like the singer, and “Land” like the ground and you’ll find me.
Q: Are their any artists that inspire you? What artists/bands would you say you compare to? 
 – Plenty. Shakey Graves, Coheed and Cambria, Hozier, Noah Gundersen, Phil Collins, Chance The Rapper, Eminem, LIGHTS.
 – I get compared to Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Shakey Graves, and occasionally Jeff Buckley (which I have never understood).
Q: Where do you find your inspiration to write your songs?
 – I think people accidentally write my songs for me all the time. Stories, other songs especially, my family history.
Q: Anything else you would like to add about who you are as an artist?
 – I’m very concerned with increasing people’s ability to think and feel. I try to live my life to help others figure out what they want, if it’s worth the cost, and working toward it. Hope the songs help 🙂

You can check out his upcoming shows here and his music here! ConnerFinals-202

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