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Short stories of a fat kitten

September 12, 2017

“Get out of the dishwasher!”, I shout. Words I never thought I would say.

“Meooooowwwww”, comes from the dishwasher. Sylvester’s high meow and purring echoing from inside my clean appliance. 

“I’m trying to do the dishes! Get out!”, I shriek. I toss water at him and he just blinks and stares at me. Shaking the water drops off his long fur.

“Why? Why must you drive me nuts!?” 

I continue to scrub away at my dishes. 

A little cat squeak comes from the hole under my counter. 

“Are you comfortable? I’m so happy you’re comfortable. Don’t let me disturb you!” As the words come out I’m thinking to myself, “I’m arguing with my cat.” 

Bang. Clang. Bang.

I turn around and see my five month old hellion of a kitten climb out of the dishwasher finally. 

“You behave or you’re going upstairs.” I say sternly. 

I begin to scrub away again when I feel a little paw tapping away at my foot. 

I look down and there he is. Under the dishwasher trying to play with my feet.

“Yep, I’m not ready for children. This is enough for me.” I say aloud.

Without skipping a beat a little meow comes from below. 

Based on a true story. 

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