Go ahead and brush ya shoulders off..

The other day someone who I have not seen in forever made a comment that has stuck with me.
Paraphrasing but:
“I’m so glad you got out of that. I always felt like it brought you down when you’re a cool girl all on your own.”

You don’t think about things like that until someone points it out to you.

Year 24 I feel like has been a year of growth. I’m still working on myself. It’s going to take time but progress has been made for sure. I still have a couple months until I turn 25 (wait what…I feel like I just had a birthday…) but I feel like I aged more this year than any other fucking year of my life.

One adjustment is the whole being “alone” thing.

Why are we as humans so scared about being alone? At the end of the day you have yourself. Surprise surprise right? Only you can be responsible for you. You have to remember your self worth. Yes, have your breakdown nights where you drink too much and get emotional. Do that shit in moderation though because the next morning you wake up thinking “bitch, get a hold of yourself because you are awesome.”

Also… IT’S. OKAY. TO. CALL. YOURSELF. BITCH. it’s not always in a mean way. I do it all the time when I have to have a talk with myself.

Sometimes you need to have a talk with yourself. It’s not crazy believe me. You have to be your own cheerleader or that dude at games that pumps up the crowds and gets the people going.
Physical health is important but mental health is possibly even more. For real though. Lately, I have felt hypocritical if I’m honest. So this is a letter to whomever needs it as well as to myself.
You can get so down and so anxious that the only thing you want to do is stay in bed and binge watch Gilmore Girls or The Office until you pass out. As Lorelai Gilmore says in her most perfect way

“Get back in your pajamas, go to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza. Don’t take a shower or shave your legs or put on any kind of makeup at all. And just sit in the dark and watch a really sad movie and have a good long cry and just wallow. You need to wallow.”

Yas freaking queen. *insert those hallelujah emoji hands*

Once that’s done though, be the boss bitch you are and pick yourself back up. It’s okay to not be okay. It makes you human. If you didn’t have low moments I’d be a little worried about you.

For me personally, whenever I am stressed out or anxious I become the worst workaholic EVER. I will keep myself as busy as possible even if that means working insane hours to avoid having to just sit and be with myself. What’s that saying I hear the younger generations say? “Bish what?” Because legit bish what?? No. Like Steve Carell yelling no over and over. Just no. Because all that is going to do (and I say this from experience) is make you crash and burn one day and you’re going to look like an exhausted mess that starts crying and not realizing it because you’re so damned tired. (waves to herself as she was working a show in October…ha ha)

Basically ladies and gents…again it is okay to not be okay. Just don’t lose yourself in the process. Water yourself like you would a plant (also stay hydrated because that a legit issue too…I feel you on that). You’re going to grow daily. It’s okay if you’re not in the same place you were a month ago…shit even a day ago. So much can change in a day.

That’s all. I’ve gotten better about being more open about things. (Y’all seem to like it too so win?)

Okay, go be awesome.

Love, H

“Boss up and change your life.” – Lizzo



That girl Bishop.

Sunday, May 27th Bishop Briggs dominated the stage at Charleston’s best Music Farm as part of her Church of Scars tour.

She opened the show with my new favorite White Flag. I personally had only heard her song River (which she did play as a second encore!) and was waiting to hear her new songs live. I bought her record the second I left.

She then led into her song Wild Horses and part of Briggs’s charm are her moves on stage! The girl is jumping around and dancing with so much energy that aside from her amazing music you can’t help but dance when you see her.

She then addressed the audience and introduced the next song which would be Tempt my Trouble which is the first song off her new album Church of Scars and again it is amazing. At just 25 almost 26, she dominated the stage like many seasoned artists do after years and she’s just really begun.

The U.K. singer came on the scene in 2016 when she released her EP which included River, Dark Side and The way I do and from there has had her music in 50 shades freed and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. In April 2018, she released her first full length album Church of Scars and has set on her tour through this September.

Her set was about an hour long and included not just one but two encores. She came out on the stage and mentioned she had something special for the audience. She had a demo of a new song she wrote and only wanted to play it for special occasions and said playing Charleston was one of them. The song was called Baby and I’ll be the first to say she needs to hurry up and release it because I loved it. She even noticed the young fans in the audience (at the doors there were these parents who told me it was their two little girls’ first show ever) and before she began the song she did tell the audience there was some swearing just to warn the parents.

Not only was she a total badass, girl boss on stage…she was also a complete doll. She mentioned telling her family about her new album before she really could and followed it up with “sue me!” and laughed because she’s right. You’re producing your first album that’s going to change your life OF COURSE you tell your family. She spoke on Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons and their song Lyin and how she realized he is a superhuman. She also mentioned their mutual love for the LGBT community and equal rights. She even announced that at the merch table they had a donations box for GLAD which is all about promoting equality and making the world a safer place for the LGBTQ community.

If you have not seen her live you need to. She gives her all on stage and really lights up the room. You can see the rest of her tour dates here and prepare to have her rock the house.

She is definitely one to watch. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of great things come from this woman.

You can check out my Instagram for more from the show here 🖤📸

Dear 16 year old me,

Music Farm holds a special place in my heart. As one of my favorite venues and a place where Ive met so many wonderful people..when I got the idea to take this photo today it was more to celebrate “hey, you’re doing okay!” because me years ago would never have guessed I’d be working here or graduating college. So, here’s a little letter to myself.

Dear 16 year old Hunter,

I know you’re at a place in your life where you don’t know what you’re going to do in life. I know your 17th birthday is next week and you’re getting your first tattoo after begging your mom for months. No, the peace sign on your foot barely counts. I know this year of high school got lost from you and you messed up by throwing in the towel and quitting. I know right now you’re questioning if you’ll graduate high school on time or get your GED. I know you’re kicking yourself in the ass because you left behind two AP classes. Well, heads up…you graduate on time and kick ass in the process. You work and attend ten classes your senior year, have a very full social life. Yeah, I said it. So don’t cry over the dirt bags. You meet a ton of new people over these next couple years who change your life for the better and you become a better you. You do have a hiccup your first year of college but you bounce back. Actually, you not only bounce back but you intern at your favorite news station and then intern at your favorite music venue and meet even more amazing people from both places. You also land a job that gets you stable and you’re pretty decent at it and meet more amazing people.

You may not believe me and that’s fine. You’re kind of a stubborn ass at the moment but you find your way. Future you is actually graduating college next week on our birthday. Even if we don’t do the standard college experience you make it your own and take your time and get things done. Along the way you will run into obstacles but you will grow and learn from those. You will lose people who mean the most to you but you also learn to adapt and accept that you can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like you. (I KNOW! WHO KNEW?!)

So, right now it’s okay to feel like a failure but I promise you one day things will be different and you’re going to look back on before and realize things do change.


Hunter đź–¤

Snap back to reality…oh, there goes gravity

Have you ever read lyrics that you relate to like 100%? Yes, it is an older song that I have listened to more times than I can count. However, at this point in time it fits 10000000%.

There are moments in life where you sit there and it is literally like that meme of the dog sitting in a room that is on fire and is just like “this is fine”.
For me, this past semester I had a lot of personal stuff go on. So personal that I will not openly speak about it (and I’m very open about a lot of personal stuff but some stuff is better left unsaid) and with my blog and Instagram I was just getting in the swing of things. Getting a schedule, posting, planning etc and when life gave me a dose of reality I had to take a step back. That is the one thing I cannot stand is the fake social media because life is not always perfect and no matter how many filters you use it is not going to change that.

If you are on my Instagram you may have noticed the lack of posts lately. I took time off from work and school as well to be honest so when I say I needed to take a step back…I meant like WAY back. School took a little hit but I still passed and it is what it is. Let me also say that everyone is okay. 

There are times where you just need to not care about certain things but take the time to work on you and your mental health and overall well-being. Plus, aside from everything else I got a letter about my 6 month check up on my tumor. Which, as I write that I realize I never actually spoke about that on here…

Sidebar; I have a 2 inch benign tumor in my right breast in the deep tissue that I have to keep an eye on and at some point get it removed. We aren’t 100% certain how or why I developed one but we think it was my birth control and the hormones. So there is that, and then I have to get ultrasounds on my ovaries and see if I do indeed have endometriosis like my mom did because I’m starting to have the signs of it. Which, we have been preparing for since I was a teenager. Brandon and I have already discussed about all the “what if”s and we will cross the bridge when we get there. But, since I have had a kidney infection, issues upon issues with my lady bits with cysts and overall pain, and then my tumor within the last 5 and a half years….we basically had to have the discussion ya know.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with God over the last year (years really but it comes and goes) and I know what doesn’t kill you makes you a stronger person but fuck I’d like ya know…shit to go right.

Anywhoo, this was meant to be brief.

Happy notes, I have THREE yes THREE classes left and then I am done with my first degree. Next week I see my mom for the first time since LAST Christmas, and we are going to D.C. for two days. I got a new car, her name is Stella. Um, Sylvester is nice and big and happy. If you don’t know who that is….well you are missing out on fuzzy cuteness.

Just know that things can hit rock bottom and it is okay to need to take a breather and things can turn around over time. It is hard and you are going to want to scream until there is no more air in your lungs but you have to push through.